Welcome to Øyrekka

Øyrekka Folk High School

Welcome to Øyrekka folk high school, and to be part of the team that creates a new and sustainable world! We are the newest folk high school in Norway, situated in one of the most extreme enivironments we have: The Norwegian Sea! Mausund is in the middle of the fairway that gave our country it’s name – Norweg – the way to north, which stretches from the North Sea to the Barents Sea. Get to know yourself and the forces of nature which have shaped this country and the people who live here, through thousands of years.

Until our brand new campus is completed, our base is a huge houseboat. On this houseboat you'll have everything you need; classrooms, TV-rooms, kitchen, dining area, office for the employees, your own room with a private, but small bathroom and livingrooms.

The school is a so-called liberal folk high school, which mean we do not base our values on a particular faith or belief, but on equality and respect for the individual’s integrity. At our school, you will be close to the development features which have created Norway and the perception of us as a community, by experiencing vocational training, specific challenges and dissemination of knowledge.

We are situated on the island Mausund in Frøya municipality on the coast of Mid-Norway, right in the heart of our country. Mausund is one of the most active fishing villages south of the Lofoten island, and Frøya municipality is characterised by innovation, internalisation and a high level of activity. The archipelago outside of Frøya and Fosen, which we are part of, is the last frontier to the Atlantic Ocean, and westward there is open sea all the way to Northern America.

Husbåt og elever-2

Ocean living

We use large parts of the archipelago in our education, from the abandoned fishing village Sauøya (Sheep Island), were we can move right into a local community anno 1980 – to the island Sula, which during recent years has become an attractive destination for Norwegian as well as international artists and culture workers.

We offer nine months of close companionship, friendships that will follow you and experiences that will change you for the rest of your life. You will experience a reality your friends never will come close to, meet people living different lives than you have grown up with, and explore sides of yourself that you hardly knew you had in you.

Vingleia fyr

From our campus we have straight view to Vingleia - «The windy fairway» - lighthouse, which is situated on one of the outermost islets right on the edge to the grand ocean, and which accommodate 12 people. We use the islet and the lighthouse actively in both our line subjects and our electives.

What is a Folk High School?

Every year, many international students attend folk high school in Norway. Some come because they want to learn the Norwegian language and immerse themselves in the culture, some see it as a first step to settling in Norway, and some want to experience the unique pedagogical approach of folk high schools.

Folk high schools have a big presence in the Nordic countries, but are relatively unknown in the rest of the world. The pedagogical focus is on the students’ motivation, which is why the schools do not have exams or give grades!  This may seem strange to some of our international students, but we believe that you learn the most if you want to learn!

At Øyrekka, you will have the opportunity to take a boat driving license and kayaking or freediving certificates, but this is totally optional, and up to you.

Øyrekka folk high school welcome international students; they add exciting diversity at school and can give us new insights into how Norwegian students view the world.

As part of the pedagogical arrangement, you live at the school around the clock, together with your friends and fellow students. You eat all your meals at school and you will also participate in fun activities after school hours. Personal growth is a main goal in Folk High schools, and you will challenge yourself in so many ways during your year with us!

A folk high school year lasts nine months, from August to May.  Most students attend folk high school right after graduating from high school (upper secondary school), and most folk high school students are between 18 and 25 years old. Folk high schools never have an upper age limit.

At Øyrekka, we do not have lines specially adapted for non-Norwegian speakers, but all of our teachers are multilingual, and all are English-speaking. So most likely, we will be able to attend to your needs anyhow. If you do not speak Norwegian, the school will accommodate you, but we will expect you to eventually learn enough Norwegian to keep up with the conversations. You may choose Norwegian language as an elective subject at Øyrekka.

Feel free to give us a call, or send us an e-mail if you want to know more about how we can facilitate your stay at our school, or if you just want some more information!