This is Øyrekka Folk High School

Until our brand new campus is completed, our base will be a huge houseboat. On this houseboat you'll have everything you need; classrooms, TV-rooms, kitchen, dining area, office for the employees, your own room with a private bathroom and livingrooms.

The school is a so-called liberal folk school, which mean we do not base our values on a particular faith or belief, but on equality and respect for the individual’s integrity. At our school, you will be close to the development features which have created Norway and the perception of us as a community, by experiencing vocational training, specific challenges and dissemination of knowledge.

We are situated on the island Mausund in Frøya municipality on the coast of Mid-Norway, right in the heart of our country. Mausund is one of the most active fishing villages south of the Lofoten island, and Frøya municipality is characterised by innovation, internalisation and a high level of activity. The archipelago outside of Frøya and Fosen, which we are part of, is the last frontier to the Atlantic Ocean, and westward there is open sea all the way to Northern America.

We use the whole of Øyrekka in teaching, from the abandoned fishing village of Sauøya to the island Sula, which in recent years has become an attractive haunt for artists and cultural workers from home and abroad.


The ocean in focus

We don't know when the concept of Norway started – but we do know it happened on the coast! On Mausund, settlements dating 11,000 years back in time have been documented! From here, our ancestors sailed and rowed to Denmark and Great Britain long before the Viking Age, and then - when the Viking age began – there were over ten farms on the different islands that adds up to be Mausundvær.

As a student and islander at Øyrekka Folk High School and Mausund, you get a realistic introduction to how people live today's Norwegian coastal life – and an insight into how important life in the sea and the maritime interaction has been for the development of Norwegian society. It is the coast we Norwegians have lived off for over a thousand years, and it is the coast we will live off when the fossil age eventually is phased out.

We are a school for outdoor life! Much of our everyday live will take place outdoors – in all kinds of weather. When you leave, you will be familiar with a life where a lot is about using a boat. We need to use boat to get to and forth, and we need to use boat when we want to explore the environment around us. This provides a completely different rhythm and pulse than most people today are used to: life has to to be adapted to the forces of nature. You choose this school year because you want an exciting year at what is one of Norway's most exotic folk high schools!

Does this sound like something to you?

Houseboat as a boarding school

Until a new school facility is completed, a huge houseboat will be your school!

  • All rooms have private bathrooms
  • As long as we have the capacity for it, you get a single room! (If you want to, of course!)
  • Here we also have offices for the administration, kitchen and dining room, lecture rooms and TV rooms. The houseboat is moored throughout the school year, very centrally located on the island, just a stone's throw away from the shop, café and ferry dock.

In addition to the houseboat, we use the sports facilities actively – both in teaching and in our spare time. The sports complex is located in the middle of the island, just about 500-600 meters from the houseboat. There is a swimming pool, gymnasium, football pitch and gym available to you.

From the school we can look out to Vingleia lighthouse, which is located on one of the outermost islets on the edge of the ocean, and which has accommodation for 12 people. We visit the lighthouse in line subjects and electives.

Liberal folk school

These are our core values. Welcome to a liberal school. The school is founded on equality and respect for diversity. We love that we all are different, and you are good enough just the way you are.

With us, you really get to know yourself and the forces of nature that over thousands of years have shaped the country and us who live here.

Boarding school and facilities

Until the school facility is completed, a huge houseboat will serve as both a school and a dormitory for the first few years. Here we have rooms with shower and toilet for all students. Teaching, kitchen with dining hall and administration are located in the same facility. In addition, we will use the sports facility actively – both in teaching and in our spare time. We have a swimming pool, gymnasium and a gym available. We also have our own motorboats, kayaks, free diving and fishing equipment.

Equipment for students

In good time before you arrive, you will be sent a packing list. This is quite general, but in addition you will get recommendations related to the line course you are entering. We have some equipment available at the school, but we always recommend that you bring what you consider to be relevant equipment.

If there is equipment or clothing you are missing, we have good discount schemes at various sporting goods stores. This can be bought after you get here.