School trips

Small and large trips are a big part of your year at Øyrekka!


School trips

feeling adventurous?

Stadsraad Lehmkul

Adventurous?? Then you can join a sailing ship cruise across the North Sea in April! And this is not just any sailing ship: Statsraad Lehmkuhl is the pride of Bergen, the country's largest sailing ship and the world's largest wooden mast "bark" still in operation. We muster on and off in Bergen and on the trip across the sea it is you who is the crew. You get to experience that it is your own effort for the community to sail the ship across the ocean. You are with a bridge guard and also get to climb and work in the rig if you wish. We sleep side by side in hammocks in the traditional way.
After a couple of days of sailing, you get shore leave on the North Sea islands - Lerwick in Shetland. Here, Norwegians are welcome with a people who probably feel at least as Norwegian as Scottish.  Remnants of the Norwegian language are found in most place names and also in the dialect of Orkney and Shetland.

This trip is optional and not included in the school tuition fee.

Short-distance trips

Short-distance trips

The short trips will also provide experiences that last a lifetime. Øyrekka outside Frøya is a long series of islands that for many are a unique and undiscovered area. We use these areas actively both in teaching and for short-distance trips throughout the year; from Sula in the south to Halten in the north. We also take a little deep dive into the historic Trøndelag.


A picturesque gem known for the eatery Supen Pøbb and Handelshuset Skatvold -  thoroughly restored as a classic general store from the turn of the last century.


well-known gathering place for artists and cultural workers from home and abroad. Our location for the filming of the film "The Lighthouse" which was screened at the Cannes Film Festival in 2017. Here we can find both a restaurant and a pub, and now Sula glamping is established.


Located on one of the outermost islets on the edge of the ocean. The lighthouse keeper's house can accommodate 12 people for overnight stays, and we sometimes use the lighthouse for teaching and weekend trips. 

Sauøya – Sheep Island

Today abandoned, but it has a beautiful chapel, an assembly hall, shop and fish landing intact. When visiting, we can immerse ourselves in life on the coast a few decades ago.


The northernmost of the old fishing villages. Today protected and preserved as a cultural monument with a centuries-long history.

Vingleia Lighthouse

Located on one of the outermost islets on the edge of the ocean. The lighthouse keeper's house can accommodate 12 people for overnight stays, and we sometimes use the lighthouse for teaching and weekend trips.

Line trips


Corsica is a wonderful scenic island in the Mediterranean, both above and below the water! The island where Napoleon was born has a long interesting history and a rich culture that we will explore together.

In the high mountains there is the possibility  of climbing, via ferrata, canyoning, mountainbiking and one of Europe's most spectacular hiking routes GR20. On the coast there are fantastic opportunities for freediving. Among other things, there are some of Europe's best preserved plane wrecks and you will experience spectacular wildlife.

Content on the trip is planned with the students, the possibilities are many, and the choice is yours!


Big city, beach, cultural life, shopping, and nightlife. In Barcelona you get the full package. We stop by the world's largest seafood fair, Seafood Expo,  for some professional replenishment, and visit the fantastic food market, Sant Josep de la Boqueria. You will also visit the pedestrian street La Rambla with bustling street life, artists, market stalls, restaurants and shops. The coastal and fishing villages are like pearls on a string on the coast around Barcelona. Maybe we visit the fortress Castell de Tamarit or try snorkeling in Cala La buena beach in El Perello?

The area outside the MACBA museum is known as one of Europe's best skating areas, and if you are a football fan, it is quite possible to try to get tickets to one of FC Barcelona's home games at Camp Nou.


On this journey, we discover Portugal's exotic island world and a wealth of possibilities. All three H2Ø themes  – sea, crafts and island life – will be included in this trip. You will experience Portugal's coastal landscape in different ways through sea kayaking, surfing and freediving. We explore the traditional art of clay making pottery and curves, gaining a sense of community through capoeira. Join the tour and make a difference in relevant projects for environmental protection.

Look forward to a dream trip!