Green flag certified school

Øyrekka Folk School started as a new school in August 2022 and we aimed to be a green school right from the beginning! Therefore, it was important for us to get a sustainable everyday life in place.  We aim to have the smallest possible ecological footprint, and raise awareness for a sustainable lifestyle through small but effective actions in our everyday life.

In everyday life, we put focus on conscious use of energy, locally sourced food, recycling and trackless travel. A major project we have continuously is to combine clean-up operations in Mausund's local area with reuse and craftsmanship.

Marine litter is one of the biggest challenges here in Øyrekka, and we as the new local folk school do our best trying to find educational, creative solutions to this challenge. This feels natural to us, as the life force of the ocean is central to our curriculum, and we see ecological sustainability as one of the fundamental values of our school.


We have been a Green Flag certified school from year one!