Øyrekka folkehøgskole


Nina Elisabeth Iversen


Nina is the principal of the school. She is educated as a teacher and has for several years been a contact teacher at Mausund Youth Centre. She was born and raised in Mausund and has previously worked as self-employed.  


Rannveig Slettun

Kitchen chef

Rannveig was born and raised in Mausund, and employed as a kitchen manager and chef. Rannveig is originally a child and youth worker and has an unusual quality in establishing a safe and close relationship with the students. It has a lot to do with how Rannveig is as a person, but probably also a little with the fact that she spoils them in the way of food - here you usually get what you want! In addition to working with us, Rannveig is a librarian and runs a pub here in Mausund.


Marte Flage

Boarding school manager

Marte is 35 years old and employed as a boarding school manager. Marte was born and raised in Mausund, is educated as a social educator, loves to play volleyball and likes to eat snacks every day. After living in Trondheim and Lillestrøm for several years, she has now moved back home with her husband and children to work at Øyrekka Folk High School.


Telefon: 918 66 539


Niels Rasmussen


Niels is the outdoorsman with a capital O. He is Danish/French, but has lived in Norway in recent years. He has bachelor's and master's degrees in outdoor life, he is actively engaged in freediving and kayaking, and he has been an elite swimmer for several years. He has previously been on several, longer rafting expeditions, and he loves to give high-fives!

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Birthe Daber


Birthe is a creative and curious soul who is passionate about nature, outdoor life and DIY. With her as your teacher, your next adventure awaits just around the corner. Birthe is a ski and kayak instructor, has a master's degree in outdoor activities, and is a trained teacher in Germany.


Jan Ingar Berga


Jan Ingar is our caretaker with a real trøndermustache! He fixes everything from clogged drains and windows that pull, to mounting oil filler pipes on manifold (you know - houseboat)! Jan Ingar always has a lot to do, but does it all with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye. He makes time for the students, and is so much to see that the students have a good relationship with him.


Ragna Slettun

Ragna is 21 years young and she was born and raised in Mausund. She is trained and employed as a cook. She is our youngest employee, and her favorite thing to do in the kitchen is bake. Ragna is both a bad loser and winner, and is well known for the quote "second place is the first loser".

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