Outdoor activities - Ocean

This is the line for those who love the sea. Here you can enjoy ocean activities such as freediving, sea kayaking, fishing and much more.

Photo – Alexander Nordahl

Something you will experience and learn on the line

  • Adventurous overnight trips in Norway

  • Everything from glamping to hammock

  • More academic courses

  • The boating test

  • Våttkort

  • PADI Diving Certificate (voluntary, not covered by line price)

  • Coasteering

  • Fishing in both sea and fresh water

  • Underwater photography

  • Local island hopping

  • Swimming and breathing technique

  • First aid and lifesaving

  • Survival techniques in nature

  • Study trip to Corsica

Included in the line price are school and line trips. Extra expenses associated with voluntary courses + personal equipment and clothing are added.


Study trip to Corsica

On the "outdoor sea" the tour goes to Corsica, a wonderful scenic island in the Mediterranean. Here you will experience diving, climbing, via ferrata, canyoning, mountainbiking and one of Europe's most spectacular hiking routes GR20. On the coast there are fantastic opportunities for freediving. Among other things, there are some of Europe's best preserved plane wrecks and a spectacular wildlife. In addition, the water is usually a little warmer than what we are used to in Norway.

The final program is planned together with the students, the possibilities are many and the choice is yours!

Raw experiences!

You will have a year filled with raw experiences, travel, mastery and powerful nature experiences. There is great variation in the activities. You do not need any prior knowledge, but you must enjoy being outdoors and active both on land and in the water.

Øyrekka has some of the most beautiful and unique nature you can find in Norway. Mausund is right in the middle for those who like an active and varied outdoor life by the sea. The island is surrounded by more than 5400 islets and skerries, and a tour of the archipelago will give you fantastic cultural and nature experiences.

Øyrekka offers year-round coastal experiences, where every season has its charm. Here you will be able to experience proper autumn storms, snow in May, hurricane in the worst gusts and rainy days. However, you will also get calm seas in midwinter, beautiful sunsets all year round, warm autumn days, lovely sun in December, spring in February and northern lights on clear winter days. We have all the forces of weather and nature!


Our place in nature

Øyrekka has some of the most beautiful and unique nature you can find in Norway and we do our part to take care of it. Worldwide, 8-12 million tonnes of plastic end up in the oceans every year. The ocean currents mean that much of this ends up in our archipelago and threatens animal and bird life. We work to focus on the environmental problems created by overconsumption in the world, and clean up where we can.

Foto: Alexander Nordahl
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