All rooms have bathroom and wc. Mandatory trips organised by the school are included in the line price. When you accept the school place, you must pay an administration fee of NOK 2500, - which will be deducted from the first payment term after start-up. This is part of the stated line price.

The tuition fees are paid monthly unless otherwise agreed. If you use student loans from Lånekassen, parts of your student loan can be converted to grants after completing the year.

Fishing and aquaculture

Price: 145 500,-

The price covers food, accommodation, tuition, special insurance, as well mandatory line and school trips. Additional expenses related to personal equipment and clothing, as well as some electives may apply.

Outdoor recreation - ocean

Price: 143 000,-

The price covers food, accommodation, tuition,mandatory line and school trips. Additional personal equipment expenses and some electives may apply.

Leadership development




Øyrekka Folk High School is located  at Mausund in  Frøya municipality on the Trøndelag coast - in the middle of Norway, at the far end of the sea. The island has about 200 permanent residents and is not connected to the mainland.

There is a speedboat and ferry between Dyrøy on Frøya and Mausund, from early morning to evening. There are also good public transport options from Trondheim daily. If you fly to Trøndelag, Trondheim Airport is Værnes nearest and largest airport. The journey time from Mausund to Værnes airport is approx. 3 hours by car.

If you do not have access to your own car, there are express boats and buses to/from Trondheim express boat terminal. We'll understand if you find the timetables confusing, and we'll be happy to help you set up a timetable for you. Just get in touch with us!


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School route:

  • August 23: Indentation and welcome

  • 24 August: School start

  • Week 41: Autumn holiday. Free from Thursday 5 October at 12.00

  • November 17–18: holidays for all lines

  • December 15:  Christmas holiday from 12:00 noon

  • January 4th: First day of school after Christmas break + start half-year course

  • Week 8: Winter break. Free from Thursday 15 February at 12 noon. Commencement after the holiday on Tuesday 27 February. 

  • March 22:  Easter holiday from 12:00.

  • 3 April: Start-up after Easter

  • May 9: Ascension Day - Day off

  • May 14: Last day of school and return home