The Food Line

Lots of practical cooking from scratch both indoors and outdoors, and a wonderful mix of both traditional Norwegian food and foods from other corners of the world!

From simple, delicious everyday food to gourmet

We focus on everything from international food and street food, good and healthy everyday food and traditional Norwegian food. With us, it is the joy of food and good tastes that are the most important, and we enjoy ourselves both when we eat and when we cook! You will learn tips and tricks for healthy and cheap dorm room food, growing lettuce, herbs and sprouts indoors, and many other useful things!

On this course, we explore everything from traditional Norwegian food to food from other parts of the world! The line is for those who either want to learn how to serve something a little more advanced than noodles on a Friday night, are already a hobby chef or maybe want to try working in a hectic restaurant kitchen!


Some of the things you will experience and learn on the course

  • Menu composition

  • Flavours from other corners of the world

  • Local food and local produce

  • Pop-up restaurant

  • Cooking competitions

  • Business and restaurant visits

  • Composing menus

  • Catch your own food

  • Catch your own food

  • Street food

  • Grow your own food

  • Operations and finance

  • Create self-produced products

  • Nutrition

  • Raw material knowledge

Included in the line price are compulsory school and line trips. Extra expenses associated with voluntary courses and trips + personal equipment and clothing are added.


Study trip to Portugal

An adventurous food journey to Madeira, Portugal! The island is especially known for it’s lush nature and beautiful beaches, but the island is also home to several local producers and fantastic food experiences. Experience everything from Michelin to street food!

The world's best raw materials

Øyrekka is located in a region that has some of the worlds best raw materials and was the European Region of Gastronomy in 2022. Trøndelag is known for many award-winning local food producers who deliver to Michelin-starred restaurants all over the world. We will also work with and prepare these raw materials from scratch.