All our lines are mainly full-year courses, but are laid out in modules, so half-year courses can be offered if there are places available on the relevant line.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in half-year courses!


Fishing and aquaculture

As a student with us, you don't have to travel far to experience deep-sea fishing. A couple of minutes on the school's own boats is more than enough. And yes, it is actually possible to fish from the window of your room, since the dormitory and the rest of the school are on a huge houseboat! You will not find more rough deep-sea fishing opportunities at any Norwegian school.

The course provides a realistic introduction to today's modern fisheries and aquaculture industry and an insight into the historical lines of fish's importance for the development of Norwegian society.

Outdoor activities - Ocean

Do you want to spend much of the year in your kayak? Do you dream of diving for scallops? Or maybe fish for the biggest fish on the high seas? Then you've come to the right place!

Outdoor activities Ocean is for those who like to be outdoors! The school year at Øyrekka Folk High School will be active and you will really get to know yourself and the forces of nature.

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The Food Line

Lots of practical cooking from scratch both indoors and outdoors, and a wonderful mix of both traditional Norwegian food and foods from other corners of the world!

We focus on everything from international food and street food, good and healthy everyday food and traditional Norwegian food. With us, it is the joy of food and good tastes that are the most important, and we enjoy ourselves both when we eat and when we cook! You will learn tips and tricks for healthy and cheap dorm room food, growing lettuce, herbs and sprouts indoors, and many other useful things!

Leadership development

This is the line for you who were born no later than 2004 and who have already attended a year at folk high school (or who have other relevant experience), and who want to develop further as a fellow human being and leader, through one year as a PhD candidate.

The Leadership Development programme is suitable for those who are adult and mature enough to take responsibility for others than yourself. You are inclusive, and like to make things happen! Through theoretical leadership training and practice on one of our lines, you get to try your hand at a new setting where you get close to both the students and us who work here. You will have co-responsibility for the social school environment and will be given tasks related to the practical school life in collaboration with us who work here.