A year in the middle of the ocean

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Rough island life in a generous island community that will shape you for life!

We offer you nine months of close-knit fellowship, lifelong friendships and experiences that will never make you the same.


A school in the middle of the ocean

Øyrekka is one of the newest and indeed most special folk schools. The school is so-called liberal and located in one of the most extreme environments we have: the Norwegian Sea! As an islander, you will get to feel all the forces of nature that over the years have shaped the country and the people who live there.

Another fun fact: The whole school is a huge houseboat!


Mausund island

The folk high school is beautifully situated in the harbor at the fishing village of Mausund, off the coast of Trøndelag in the mid part of Norway. Here you get to experience Norwegian coastal culture and nature. The surroundings offer beautiful scenery and lots of activities with the sea all the way around you. On the island there are 200 permanent residents. You become part of a generous and inclusive community!