Leadership development

This is the line for those who want to develop further as a fellow human being and leader through a year as a PhD candidate.

Leadership development

To apply for this programme, you must be born no later than 2003 and you must have already attended a folk high school or have other relevant experience.

The line is suitable for those who are mature enough to take responsibility for more people than yourself. Through theoretical leadership training and practice as a supervisor on one of our lines, you get to try your hand at a new setting where you as a supervisor get close to the students and us who work here. You will have co-responsibility for the social school environment and will be given tasks related to the practical school life.


Something you will experience and learn on the line

Focus on practice in management

15 hours per week with students on one of the other lines

Follow-up and weekly evaluation with line teachers

Environmental work

Management theory; communication, relationship building and psychology

Preparation and evaluation of elective courses and co-supervision

Adventurous trips

Co-responsible for the implementation of activities and meetings

Responsible for 2 Saturday seminars; one in the fall and one in the spring

Study trip together with the line you are connected to


Free board and lodging

As a student on the leadership development programme, you get free board and lodging. The line price is NOK 50,000 (can be covered by basic loans from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund, which according to current rules can be converted to grants retrospectively).